Asawaa®️ Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif 750 ml

A world-unique flavor spirit. Made from the endemic fruit of the guajiro cactus: the iguaraya. This aperitif is a handcrafted premium drink, full of color and guajiro flavor, which highlights local fruits from the Colombian northern coast. It is recommended to serve it with ice and a few drops of lemon to taste its soft, sweet, and exotic notes. Enjoy it on your relaxing evenings or to give color to your cocktail mixes.

Try it so you can live a sensory experience of the guajiro desert!


Product Description

Decorated with an original ornament made by a Wayuu indigenous community, this exotic drink offers you a mellow experience that allows you to share with your friends those stories that you can only live in La Guajira. With only 12 degrees of alcohol, and in the style of sangria, it is excellent to enjoy an afternoon at home or a weekend of good times.

An aperitif for cool and uncomplicated people; freethinkers who like exotic flavors that support local development

Asawaa®️ Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif is crafted under strict quality controls in our certified microdistillery. We provide you with innovation and safety in alcoholic beverages, so you can have the best flavors and experiences.

We blend our double artisan distillate of local ingredients: panela and corozo, with the extract of the most exotic and wild iguayaras, obtaining a perfectly balanced and delicious aperitif.

This distilled spirit is very versatile and aromatic. Although, in general, for ease, we recommend taking it with ice and lemon, it mixes very well with other citrus flavors. So, if you like the idea of creating and trying new drinks, you can combine it with citric fruits, such as passion fruit or oranges.

At Asawaa®️ we have tried several cocktail recipes that you will surely like, here you can find some:

What is an Iguaraya?

The Iguaraya is the fruit of the cactus, It has a dark red color and tastes like something you’ve never tried before. Iguarayas grow in the middle of the desert or arid areas. In its natural state, the fruit is covered with thorns that fall when it ripens and is collected by the Wayuu, one of the native communities of La Guajira.

It is categorized as a type of “pitaya” because it comes from the Cactus Stenocereus species. In the same way, it holds a relation to the Dragon Fruit.

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