Upper Guajira, Desertical, Virgin, Natural and indigenous.

The Upper Guajira is in northern region of the department, mostly covered by desert soils and where the majority of the Wayúu population is concentrated. It covers the peninsular territory proper, where Cabo de la Vela, Punta Gallinas, Bahía Honda and the Serranía de la Macuira are located, belonging to Uribia, the only municipality in the region, considered as the indigenous capital of Colombia.

The desert can be had as a uniform landscape and by predictable extent: only sand. But in the desert animals live, well adapted to their environment, which are not found in other ecosystems. The flora is able to live with little or no water source. Something striking about this region is the presence of lonely beaches, which is due to the low presence of urban centers near the coast.

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Jimatsu Beach

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