December 9, 2019

Corozo (native berry)

If you have never heard about “corozo” and do not know what it is, read this article.

It is a kind of plum or blueberry and it is even similar to the açai. The corozo is a fruit known in La Guajira as jovita de lata. It is the fruit of the coyol palm or tin plant with a scientific name Bactris guineensis/Bactris Minor. They grow on the shores (low and dry zones). It has a strong gastronomic tradition since the arrival of the African slaves.

In the Caribbean region, the fruit is used in several things like juices, chicha, wine (if you let it ferment). Also, another popular option are popsicles (frozen juice in a little bag). Another uses for this fruit are as a sauce for seafood and fish, candies and even the traditional Handcrafted Guajiro Liquor Asawaa®.

Besides its culinary uses, people from the Colombian coast use the wood of the plant to build furniture. From the dried seed it is extracted a kind of butter that is not only used in the kitchen, but also for cosmetics and medicinal recipes. The juice of corozo with no sugar could help regulate cholesterol levels, to lose weight and decrease sugar levels. It is also known as a protector of the cardiovascular system.

If you want to know more about this fruit, click here.

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