Move in La Guajira

How to get around in La Guajira?

In La Guajira you find different ways to get around and get to know

You are in La Guajira and you wonder how to move in La Guajira? How can I get transported? Here we tell you the best transport options to do it, since there is no transmileneo, Uber or something similar. So if you are looking to have a great adventure or an unforgettable ride in La Guajira, perhaps the transportation options that we present here may be a good option.


Campers who travel directly to the tourist sites.


In major cities


Economic between cities and tourist sites


Transport between cities and municipalities


Moving around tourist sites in cities and towns


Transport in cities

If you keep wondering how to move in La Guajira? or with whom can I do it? Next, we will show you some of the most recommended agencies and carriers within the department. They will be able to advise you and make your visit to La Guajira the best of experiences, guiding you so that you can enjoy deserts, beautiful beaches, dunes, fauna and flora during your stay; so that you know the land of the most famous exponents of vallenato, typical foods, crafts, indigenous communities where the tradition and culture of this land converge. You can find all this if you travel between Alta, Media, and Baja Guajira.

Kaishi Travel Agency

Ecotourism, ethnotourism and adventure tourism in La Guajira
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+57 311 429 6315

Guajiro Dream-Travel agency

Travel Agency dedicated to experiential tourism, ecotourism and ethnotourism.
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+57 318 431 6627

Arpushana Tours

Arpushana Tours is a tourist agency focused on ecotourism in the department of La Guajira.
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+57 300 570 1176

Walekett Expeditions

Tourist agency focused on social and experimental tourism.
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+57 310 620 9832