April 3, 2020

How do you drink the Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif?

Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif, taken with lots of ice and lemon juice

Our Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif offers a delicious blend of unique flavors that converge in the department of La Guajira. It has 12 degrees of alcohol and the fruit extract of the guajiro cactus, known as the Iguaraya. Which makes it perfect for those people who like different, exquisite and soft flavors. It is not sweet, it is not bitter, it is not sour, it is unique, pleasant to the palate and perfect to enjoy in a meeting, a dinner, with friends or with your partner.

If you want to know how the Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif click here.


  • A glass or a cup
  • Ice
  • Lemon
  • Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif

Its preparation is very simple, you just need:

  1. To fill a glass or a cup of very much ice
  2. Add the juice of a lemon and
  3. Add the Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif
  4. Mix, and you’re ready to enjoy

If you like citrus flavors, we recommend you to make a lemonade frappé without sugar (mix lemon, ice and a little water in the blender) and over that you serve the Appetizer.

At Asawaa® we have tried several recipes, here you can find some:


The Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif is very versatile, you can also use it for cocktail with citrus fruits such as passion fruit, orange, lemon or lulo.

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