April 1, 2020

Do you know how Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif is produced?

Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif is made with love from La Guajira – Colombia, and in a handcrafted format where it innovates with quality. The Asawaa® Handcrafted Aperitif is the only one in the world made from the fruit of the guajiro cactus called “Iguaraya”.

Learn about Iguaraya.

It is soft, sweet, and refreshing. It has 12% ALC.VOL. In addition, it is the perfect companion of our Asawaa® Handfcrated Guajiro Liquor; for this reason, we recommend that before you continue reading, you know how this is produced.

Do you know how the Asawaa® Handcrafted Guajiro Liquor is produced?

The Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif is made from a corozo and certified Colombian panela fermentation of the best quality. It is doubly distilled, which makes it one of the best alcoholic beverages you can have, as it is produced in this artisan format. To this we add Iguaraya extract, these Iguarayas are collected by one of the native communities La Guajira – Colombia, “Los Wayuu”. After this, the distillate with Iguaraya extract goes through a filtering process to guarantee the quality and safety of the product. Finally it is packaged, labeled and ready for you to enjoy a different flavor. Finally it is packaged, labeled and ready for you to enjoy a different flavor.


Proceso de producción del Aperitivo de Iguaraya Asawaa ®

Production process of Asawaa ® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif


We recommend serving it with ice and lemon drops to experience its unrivaled touches. You can also use it for cocktails with citrus fruits (passion fruit, orange, lemon or lulo (naranjilla)).

Here you find recipes with the Asawaa® Handcrafted Iguaraya Aperitif


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