November 5, 2019

The Wayuu chirrinchi, the Guajiro chirrinchi


The Wayuu chirrinchi or Guajiro chirrinchi, is also known as chirrinche or yotshi (word in wayuunaiki). Chirrinchi is an artisanal beverage that is produced throughout La Guajira It is very popular among Wayuu Indians due to the importance within its traditions and the medicinal properties that it is granted.

Under the world view of the Wayuu Indians; Chirrinchi has healing properties, it is credited with the ability to end diseases or discomforts of the body. Likewise when it seeks to cure the harmonic relationship with some spirit, or with some element of its biological-social-cultural unity. Chirrinchi is used with an offering to apologize.

Uses and applications of chirrinchi

  1. Medicinal: You can use them naturally, add plants or a snake head. This is useful for rubbing the affected area in rheumatoid or rheumatism, blows, as an expectorant or for headaches.
  2. Rituals: In funeral events and marriages.
  • Death is one of the saddest events in family life, so it is also one of the most important events in the Wayuu tradition. The chirrinchi serves not only to accompany the meals in this event, but also serves to preserve the body and place it in the coffin as one of the items the deceased liked.
  • In marriages being the spirited drink by tradition, chirrinchi is the perfect companion for meals during the days of the celebration.
  1. And to ward off bad luck: It anoints the body, in healing ceremonies to ward off evil spirits.

In this way, through the chirrinchi the traditions and beliefs of this culture are highlighted. Likewise, the relationship between biological-social-cultural unity is reconciled.

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