Asawaa® Handcrafted Guajiro Liquor Box X 6 – 750 ml

A Colombian handcrafted beverage. It is a premium double-distilled spirit, made from a special recipe of fermented local ingredients: panela and corozo. Carefully crafted in small batches in our certified microdistillery. This high-quality liquor is a tribute to La Guajira and the Colombian liquor traditions. It is an experience of flavor that will transport you to the warmth of our region. A unique product that will revitalize your spirit.

Do you dare to live this adventure that will awaken your senses?

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Product Description

Box of 6 bottles, 750 ml presentation. Each bottle is decorated with an indigenous artisanal ornament made by local Wayuu communities, Asawaa® Handcrafted Guajiro Liquor blends the traditions, diversity, and cultural heritage of La Guajira, with the quality provided by modern safety and quality assurance processes. With 35 degrees of alcohol and superior quality, this rum-like drink with corozo notes, and a perfectly balanced flavor, offers you a sophisticated and smooth sensation. When you drink Asawaa® you encourage love to local traditions, promote legality, contribute to a small social business, and honor the Colombian heritage and tradition.

A drink for adventurers and authentics; a liquor to experience the Colombian passion, and discover La Guajira

This double distillate, unique in the world for its mixture of corozo and panela, is a spirit for authentic and conscious people. A product with a story, that invites you to travel. When you unpack your bottle, you will be amazed at the wonders of La Guajira, and everything this region has to offer: from snow peaks, fertile mountains with freshwater rivers, blue water beaches with white sands, to an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Asawaa® liquor gives you a taste of La Guajira: exotic and delicious. You can have it neat, in shots, on the rocks, or in traditional cocktails. Also, you can use it to spice up your food and give it a remarkable touch.

If you want to have fun with your friends, prepare one of the recipes that we have for you, find them by clicking on cocktails:

A tribute to traditional distillation techniques in Colombia and an invitation to visit La Guajira.

Just a liquor? No, it is an experience full of unique flavors, an invitation to discover Colombian spirits, and your declaration of support for local development. As well as La Guajira, we guarantee that this liquor will surprise you. Try it and you will be able to understand the magic and mysticism of our land.

The Asawaa® Handcrafted Guajiro Liquor is inspired by chirrinchi, a traditional drink produced in La Guajira by almost all the ethnic groups that makes up the department’s diverse population. This native drink is made in the upper, middle and lower guajira. Both in urban and rural areas.

Based on ancient techniques, Asawaa® Liquor is manufactured in Riohacha – La Guajira, in our international GMP certified microdistillery. The product is approved by the Colombian competent health authority (INVIMA). It comes packed in a detailed designed dark ambered box, which is an invitation to live an adventure. Inside you will find a tourist map of the department of La Guajira; which, connected to our website offers you a simple and cool way to explore the true magic of La Guajira.

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