December 17, 2019

Chirrinchi production

Chirrinchi is an artisanal product. It is produced in several areas of the department of La Guajira. The form of production is rustic, and it is done outdoors. The alembic, where fermentation is heated for making the chirrinchi, is made with mud and gasoline tanks. The artisanal production of chirrinchi is based on the knowledge inherited from generation to generation and is produced by both wayuu and non-wayuu.. The above, because each preparer has different ingredients, processes, and beliefs regarding its production. The use of stills that often have copper alloys, the use of fermented panela with water, the use of plastic tanks for fermentation, and the use of firewood for the generation of heat required in the process that remain constant


Conoce más Acerca El Chirrinchi Guajiro


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