What do we do?

We promote La Guajira, and connect tourists, businesses and locals.

How do we do it?

Through our website and the sale of our products.

How do we finance ourselves?

With the sales of our products of the highest quality.

We are a group of young guajiros that seeks to break paradigms through education, technology, innovation and design.

We are entrepreneurs and agents of change. We seek to develop capacities in young people and communities by creating spaces that allow their empowerment. Everything we do, we do because we love La Guajira and because we believe that an educated, prosperous and articulated department is possible.

Asawaa is a social enterprise. We seek to solve, through an innovative business model, a problem that La Guajira has: the lack of articulation of the tourism sector. We work so that more people understand the diversity of La Guajira and to provide information on tourist offers, so that tourists can easily access the unique experiences offered by the department.

Ana Ballesteros

From Riohacha – La Guajira

General Director – Alias: “The one who started it all”

The crazy thing that started all this. Passionate to the nose with La Guajira and so persevering that it is rather stubborn, she believes that it can. She will always be seen running from one place to another putting out fires, trying to explain our business model or talking to the fatigue.

Mayerlin Mendoza

From Riohacha- La Guajira

Administrative Coordinator – AKA “She knows it all”

If you need help to understand the complexity of our administrative structure, place orders, payments and any other coordination issue, Maye is your best option.

Glenda Andrade

From Tigrera – La Guajira

Sales and Marketing Coordinator – Alias “Pero si”

She is responsible for bringing Asawaa to the hearts of all of us who love La Guajira, promoting our products and our social mission. She is the one who always has good suggestions and helps us stay focused on what we want to be.

Jina Dangond

From Villanueva – La Guajira

Technical Director – Alias “The one of quality, order and detail”

If everything is in perfect order it is thanks to the engineer. For their work and dedication we have sanitary registration in our products and good manufacturing practices. She is an auditor, has training in hygiene and food handling, she is the one who knows about good processes and chemistry. He is also a specialist in OSH.

How does it work?


They browse our website, buy our products, get informed and live the best experience of La Guajira.

Hotels and Restaurants

They offer their services, obtain more customers and promote our products.

Young Guajiros and Wayuu communities

They receive training, have a source of income and get empowered.

Because there is something that bring us together

We fulfill our commitment to La Guajira.

We believe that La Guajira needs opportunities, hopes and inspiration to move forward.


Asawaa seeks to respond to those needs. With its innovative model, Asawaa aims to promote tourism in the department in a sustainable way. Asawaa is a sign that by working hard, focusing on our strengths, our goals can be achieved.

Asawaa, inspires us to work in each of our areas, giving the best of us to contribute to the development of La Guajira, because we know that many small actions together generate great changes.

Bleidys Amaya

From Distracción – La Guajira

Production Coordinator – Alias “I was running out”

She is responsible for our products have the best quality honored our guajiras traditions, with studies in Quality and Food Management of SENA, it gives us 100% rigor and flavor.

Alfa Lubo

From Riohacha – La Guajira

Audiovisual Coordinator

She is in charge of helping us generate audiovisual and communications material.

Thomas Lorenzen

Guajironés (Danish with Guajiro heart)

Zen Guide – Alias “But what if”

He is the one who directs the thing. Thanks to him, we can build the purpose we have with La Guajira. He is our fundamental support and our representative in the Capital – Bogota.

Jaime Gutierrez

From Mongui – He is Guajiro

Logistics Coordinator – Alias “Opss”

He is responsible for coordinating all the mobilization operations of the company, he is the one who helps us move Asawaa through La Guajira and is crucial for the different challenges that arise daily both in the offices and in the factory.

Ayarisileth Herrera

From Riohacha – La Guajira

Industrial Engineering Intern

Thanks to her collaboration we are constantly improving our products and services.

Yoelis Sierra

From Loma – Cesar,  Although she feels Guajira

She is in charge of the presentation of our locations and products, of preparing our delicious cocktails and that all the company’s products are always ready. Also she is lookout in occupational safety and health.

Wendy Tamara

From Riohacha – La Guajira

Tourist and Hotel Administration Intern

Thanks to her collaboration we are constantly improving our products and services.

Yerlis Miranda

From Riohacha – La Guajira

International Business Intern


With her help we are making our first steps to achieve our first export.

Maday Bertis

From Riohacha – La Guajira

Tourist and Hotel Administration Intern

Thanks to her collaboration we are constantly improving our products and services.

Luis Mozo

From Barrancas – La Guajira

Multimedia Production Apprentice

He is in charge of putting an image to our words, thanks to Luis we can visually show the world what Asawaa does.